Distance Consultations


Patients who would like to see us often live too far away for an ‘in person’ consultation. Because of this, we offer distance consultations, which can be conducted either by Zoom (or similar platform) or telephone.

Our distance facility is based on the position paper of the Australian Medical Association which states that distance consultations are an acceptable means of consultation.

  • provided that neither quality of the service nor the safety of the patient is compromised.
  • where the services are not available in the locality of the patient

For best results though, where possible, we recommend a face-to-face consultation for the first visit. This allows us to assess the health problem more easily, through physical examination and related tests that are otherwise not possible.

If it is not possible to meet you personally, we usually request distance patients to undergo a specialised pathology test. These tests can be done either at home, or if a blood test, at your nearest large town.  We may ask you to do any of the tests below, depending on your symptom picture and history.

*The Complete Digestive Stool Analysis or the Complete Microsbiome (a home test kit is now available)
and / or
*The IgG Food Sensitivity Panel (a blood test - you just go to your nearest collection centre)
and / or
*Intestinal Permeability Test (to screen for Leaky Gut Syndrome via home urine test)

ONCE WE HAVE READ THROUGH YOUR COMPLETED HISTORY FORM, AND CONDUCTED OUR INTERVIEW WITH YOU, THEN WE WILL TELL YOU WHICH IF ANY OF THESE TESTS WE WILL REQUIRE. The fee for these tests is paid by you directly to the Pathology Laboratory (you do not pay us). Your consultation fee with us does NOT include any pathology tests.

If you would like to have a distance consult, please complete the steps outlined below.

1. Download and fill out the IBS History Record questionnaire  and complete. You will find these in the left side panel.

2. Send the following by mail or email:

  • The completed IBS History Form
  • Copies of any relevant test results or medical reports
  • A recent photo of the patient
  • Your payment (or you can use the on-line secure facility to make your payment- see below)

3. We will acknowledge receipt of the History form, payment and arrange a time for an interview.

4. You have your interview via our preferred medium (Zoom), telephone, or other.  Following your interview, it may be necessary to order some laboratory tests and finalise some information via telephone or email.

5. Your prescribed  medicines are mailed to you. Any additional supplements are either recommended for you to buy, alternatively we can send them. We will tell you the cost of these supplements.

6. We then arrange a follow up with you, usually four to six weeks after commencing your medicine. Further follow ups if needed, are usually at six to eight weekly intervals.

7. Please note that health fund rebates are generally not available for distance consultations.


Within Australia:

First Consultation: $215.00 for consultation up to 60 minutes.

Subsequent follow-up consultations: $80 per ½ hour, or $125 for 60 minutes.

Medicines: at cost (average cost is $20 to $40 per medicine, depending what is prescribed) .

Pay fees online [karunahealthcare website payments page]


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